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Enjoy mind-blowing holidays in Azogires, Crete with amazing activities throughout the year

Travellers who enjoy to be active during their holidays in Crete will be glad to discover a range of exciting activities during their stay in Azogires, South Crete, Greece. Whether you are a nature lover at heart or you just wish to experience the countryside and authentic Cretan living and culture, Azogires won’t let you down.
Activities - Hiking

Wonderful hiking paths and gorges to explore

Crete is renowned for its natural treasures, impressive gorges and beautiful hiking trails and paths. Hiking lovers will enjoy exploring some of the marked paths in Azogires. The most popular routes are:
  • Path from Azogires to Anidri village (2-hour hike, medium difficulty)
  • Azogires-Spaniakos path, passing past a Venetian fortress, called “Spaniakos Koules” with panoramic views.
  • Anidri Gorge, Agia Irini Gorge and Pelekaniotis Gorge (for longer hikes)
  • Beyond the area of Azogires is path E9, connecting the whole south part of Chania (Elafonisi-Paleochora-Ancient Lissos- Sougia-Agia Roumeli-Chora Sfakion).
Azogires Traditional Hotel is a hiker-friendly hotel, welcoming hiking aficionados all seasons.

Cycling in nature

A great way to discover the treasures of Azogires is by bike. Travellers will get to know local countryside with its impressive flora, such as indigenous flowers, aromatic herbs and century-old trees. Bikers can take one of the signposted walking paths in the area of Azogires or simply ride through the village.
Azogires Traditional Hotel is a biker-friendly hotel, welcoming cycling lovers all year round.
Activities - Cycling

Agritourism activities

The best way to experience the authentic Cretan way of life is through agricultural activities. At Azogires Traditional Hotel, we organize activities such as olive harvesting and olive oil tasting, animal feeding and many more, depending on the season. Enjoy these fun and educational activities, ideal for adults and children alike.

Religious festivals

Travellers who are into religious tourism can visit the 7 churches in Azogires and many more at the nearby villages. There are also religious festivals taking place throughout the year. Some of the most popular festivals are: the 99 Holy Fathers’ festival (7 October) and Agios Georgios festival, both in Azogires; Agios Zosimas festival (24 January) at Achladiakes village; Agios Kirikos festival (14 July), at the ancient town of Lissos.
Activities - Swimming

Swimming in Azogires and beyond

The river crossing the village is just a 3-minute walk from Azogire Traditional Hotel. It is amidst plane trees and there is a waterfall and other spots for swimming. Travellers who enjoy beach life can head to Palaiochora. There is a coastline of 11 km and you will find beautiful beaches for all tastes. Don’t miss visiting some of the most treasures beaches in Crete, such as Falasarna, Elafonissi, Balos-Gramvousa and Sougia. They can all be reached by boat from Palaiochora. You can also take advantage of the hotel swimming pool for a refreshing plunge and sunbathing.

Wellness exercises next to nature

Remove tension from your body through activities of relaxation of the mind and pleasure of the soul by the waves and let the sounds of the sea calm you. Become one with your inner world, find the peace and tranquility within you, feel the energy flowing unhindered in your body, concentrate on the present moment and let the landscape fascinate you.
The Greek conscience and movement instructor Aristea will teach us techniques of relaxation and elimination of tension and stress through activities and games in nature.

Thematic excursions in South Crete

Paleochora safari organizes thematic excursions with visits to beaches of the island, mild activities in nature and various cultural activities in order to acquaint visitors with the Cretan nature, the rich tradition of the island, local products and traditional cuisine.
We give you the reasons for your next excursion, you just choose the one that suits you!
Planning your holidays in Crete?
At Azogire Traditional Hotel you will find traditional-style accommodation in studios and a spacious suite for 2-4 guests. Send us a reservation request to book the one that suits you best.